8 Tips for Perfect Wedding Planning

Post updated: 12 March 2021

8 Tips for Perfect Wedding Planning

Weddings and particular wedding planning can be a stressful time – here are my top 8 tips to help you plan your wedding day stress-free…

Tip 1

Make a plan and stick to it as best you can. Having a timeline for when things need to be done will help keep you on track.

Tip 2

Choose your bridesmaids well.

You want someone who is organised and will take their role seriously. It is a privilege to be asked to take on this role and they should be your support team, helping when needed.

Tip 3

It is hard to keep everyone happy so make sure that only a few select people are involved in decision making. Too many opinions will only cause unnecessary stress and confusion.

Tip 4

Don’t let the planning of your wedding take over your life, it is very easy to be consumed by your wedding and forget about the person you are going to share it with. The wedding day is only the beginning of your new life together and it is important to put as much effort into your relationship as into planning your day.

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Tip 5

As soon as you announce you are getting married everyone will be giving advice on what they did, suppliers they used etc. If someone gives you a suggestion that you don’t like, smile, thank them and tell them you will think about it.

Tip 6

When making decisions go with your gut instinct, you know it will be the best choice.

Tip 7

Include your partner in as many decisions as possible it is their big day too and they should feel involved, don’t be afraid to delegate a few tasks to them.

Tip 8

Remember this is not a competition with a celebrity or a friend to have a bigger or better wedding.

Wedding Planning - saving
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It is about love and making a commitment to each other. It is one day in your life and it’s not a good idea to start your new chapter in financial debt.

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