Tackling your Wedding Table Plan

Post updated: 08 February 2021

Tackling your Wedding Table Plan

Tackling your wedding table plan can be one of the hardest tasks when planning your wedding as you have to organise your guests into compatible groups so as to avoid any unwanted dramas on your big day.

Once you have received all your RSVPs you can start on your plan, and the easiest table, to begin with, is the top table as this generally includes the main bridal party.

Choosing Reception Venue Northern Ireland

Traditionally the top table is long with all guests seated at one side so they can see the entire room, however, some couples prefer to have a more informal roundtable but the suitability of this would depend on the style of your wedding.

Your choice of venue will mostly determine the shape of tables for your guests, many venues use round tables which can seat up to ten guests or depending on the shape of the room long banqueting tables may be offered.

Make sure you ask your venue which they offer and if there is a maximum at each table and the maximum number of tables that the room can accommodate.

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Wedding Table Plan

Tips for a successful Wedding table plan

Mix it up

If you seat your guests in family groups, people lose the chance to mingle. On the other hand, seating people on tables where they know no one might not be a good idea either. Try to strike a balance, and bear in mind people’s interests and ages.

Think about singles

Guests coming with a partner are always seated together. But with tables often having an even number of places, this can be awkward with singles. Never have a table dedicated to singles.

Male/female seating

If you’re using round tables, then it is normal to have males and females sitting alternately around the table. For long tables, have couples seated opposite each other.

Wedding Table plan

The closest tables

Regardless of the type of seating arrangement you choose, always make sure that those tables closest to the top table are reserved for your closest friends and family.

Table names

There’s no rule that says tables can’t be named rather than numbered. This is becoming more popular with couples using names of their favourite places, football teams or flowers instead of numbers and can be a great talking point for guests.

Place cards

Make sure you use clear name cards for your guests. This will help them find their seat quickly and easily.

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If you include a few details such as whether they are vegetarian or not, this may greatly help the waiting staff.

Don’t forget to give a copy of your seating plan to the staff as well in this case.

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