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Is it OK to be a Bridezilla?

Wedding Photography  |    |  Is it OK to be a Bridezilla?

Is it OK to be a Bridezilla?

Bridezilla is a word that gets used a lot when someone announces that they are getting married. But when you’re the one who is the bride, being known as a Bridezilla is a real worry and some brides are so terrified of being labelled a Bridezilla that they let their family, friends, and sometimes even suppliers walk all over them, talking them into having items/guests that they don’t really want!


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The truth is that all brides just want to have the perfect day so whether that means going with the flow and being totally laid back about everything or knowing the exact dress, flowers and theme that you want and devising spreadsheets to organise it all then so be it, each to their own!

Planning a wedding can take a lot of time and organisation regardless of the size and even the most laid-back bride is likely to experience some issues that create stress throughout the planning.

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Basically, no one wants to be known as a Bridezilla but there are a few occasions when it’s OK to have a little hissy fit…

When you don’t receive a product or service as agreed with a supplier. Don’t wait until after your wedding day to speak to them, always give them the chance to make it right.


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When a guest creates a whole fuss about the wedding meal because of a new diet not an actual health issue, ask them to respect your choices for your day.

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When your bridesmaid decides a few weeks before the wedding to drastically change her hair, either colour or style, especially if you have all had your trials already!


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When you have eventually finalised the dreaded table plan and sent it off for printing and someone drops out or even worse changes their plus one!!!!

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A Bridezilla could just be a bride who sticks to what she wants for her day and others give her this label as they don’t agree with her choices! If you do experience some objections always remember to be respectful, professional, and in control of your emotions, no matter what gets thrown your way and this should avoid you being labelled!

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At the end of the day, all that matters is that you will marry the person you want to spend your life with, and as long as that happens, everything has gone to plan.

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Wedding Photography  |    |  Is it OK to be a Bridezilla?

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